The allegory of the cave strikes back

A dream from a couple of nights ago.

I was living in a cave with several other people and animals. The animals were mostly rabbits and different kinds of apes. At some point some bad men were after us, and we escaped into our cave. The entrance was accessed by climbing up a ravine of big boulders and I thought nobody would be able to follow us inside. But once inside, sitting in an elevated part of the cave close to the ceiling, I noticed an opening above me. I think it was meant as some kind of easy access or escape route. But now I was deathly afraid that the bad men would find it.

They did gain access somehow, and the dream turned into a true nightmare. I tried to will myself to wake up, but I only partly succeeded. I woke up sitting in a chair in a cottage, feeling very tired. My grandfather was sitting in another chair, also dozing off. My uncle (his son-in-law) was going back on forth organizing something—maybe packing—and was telling us, somewhat annoyed, to help out. But I couldn’t keep my eyes open and drifted in and out of the nightmare in the cave.

Finally I woke up for real, but I’m not sure if it was because of doubled efforts to wake myself.

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