I was in the forest with G, probably close to some cabin. We were building or overseeing a canal or pipeline in a stream. The stream was running between trees and over rocks, and was then lead into this construction that was around 10 meters long, the water flowing out on the other side. At some point there was a glowing object, like a pale star, floating in the air a few meters above ground. For some reason we thought the best way to deal with it was to lead it into the canal (the construction) somehow.

Then we noticed that the water was slowly rising upstream of the canal. We checked downstream, and sure enough hardly any water was coming out. It was blocked. We wondered if it might explode. I started backing away, standing behind some trees. But G said that it might explode and emit radiation, and then we would both just melt.

Then we were standing in a lab. Several people were sitting in office chairs, some in front of terminals. (We were now different people, but still it was a continuation of the events.) One of us had less muscles than the other, and also problems with arthritis – I think this was me. We both wondered what had happened in the woods. A woman sitting in a chair told us that the canal had indeed exploded catastrophically. I knew that we couldn’t have survived – we were in fact dead, which meant we were ghosts. I asked how they were able to communicate with us. She said that we had indeed died, but we were not ghosts. Instead our minds were now inhabiting different bodies (maybe artificial). But they were not functioning well, especially the weaker body.

There was a flashback to the two of us in the past. Now we were even more different, somehow connected to our current bodies. We had been romantic partners, and this was how we met. The scene was a public bathroom. I was both of the men, or none. Both were body builders, and at least their legs and upper bodies were unclothed. One of them was in the bathroom when the other entered. He was even more muscular than the other, with freakishly big thighs and arms, making him move in an odd way. He leaned in a weird angle to urinate. The smaller man had problems drinking liquids – always thirsty but never feeling like drinking a lot at a time. He drank some water from a glass and then left it half-full on the sink. There was a feeling that this was how everything started.

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