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Oblivion and theatrics

This dream is from June 2007: I was walking around with my brother, who is 13 years younger. In the dream he was little, maybe 7 or 8 years old. We were walking in some sort of forest–garden hybrid; there … Continue reading

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Acrobatic levitation

The following is from 12 June 2010: As is normal I had a lot of flying dreams growing up. That is to say, they were trying-to-fly, jumping-really-high, and falling dreams. Over the years I seem to have improved my flying … Continue reading

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Magical temporal and spatial transportation through technology

To start off, here’s actually a dream I had last night. It involves revisiting the past via a recording, although I guess it’s more visiting than revisiting since it’s not my past. I was watching an anime movie on DVD … Continue reading

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The start of something

Since some of my dreams tend to be weird enough to be interesting, I’ll use this blog to post the ones that are – provided I get around to writing them down as they happen. I have a few dreams … Continue reading

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