Drowning without a license

On 2 April I had another intense dream that woke me up.

I was driving a car, although I don’t know how to drive (also true in real life). It was very nerve-wracking, especially navigating between the other cars – although looking back, the cars were not going very fast. At some point the view shifted: Now I was observing this car from afar, even though I was still the one sitting in the driver’s seat. I was driving onto a side road from some bigger area or road, and I had done this before. But now I was observing it from a distance. I was commenting on this with some other people also observing. I was driving the car further away from my viewpoint, and this made it very difficult to see and manouver the car between the other cards.

At some point there were no other cars on the road. But my car was driving too far to the right, where the side of the road went off a steep cliff. I turned the control to the left (some kind of hand control instead of steering wheel), thinking I was just a little bit too far to the right. But then I noticed that the right-side tires were actually scraping just off the edge, shooting up gravel and dust as I went. I realized that I wasn’t able to correct the direction of the car; it was about to fall off the cliff, and I would then probably die in the crash. And then it happened: The car fell off. I hoped the drop would not be long, but I listened for several seconds while the car seemed to be in freefall.

Then I was standing on the bank of a river or lake, and it was underneath the cliff. Suddenly the car came falling past me, right in front of my eyes. I knew that since I was actually in the car (even though I was standing on the bank) I would be drowning any second. Then it happened: I was pulled down into the water, but I was somehow not in the car but beside it. I was already submerged. The car was sinking past me, section by section, while I tried to use it to get myself upwards in the water, crawling and running across the different parts of the car as it sank. Then I realizes I was not getting further up, and I felt tired. I somehow knew that struggling and swimming like this in the deep is not enough to move upwards faster than you’re actually sinking. (This was true in the dream, not necessarily in reality.) So I needed to start swimming up harder. I swam up as fast and forcefully as I can, although I felt my energy depleting and my terror increasing. I didn’t know how far up it was to the surface and I was running out of oxygen in my lungs. After expending all my energy and oxygen, I still had not reached the surface.

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