Watch the skies

Lately I have been having several intense dreams where the world is ending, and the dream wakes me up in the middle of the night.

In one dream, sometime in late March, I was with someone when we saw something unusual in the sky. A section of it was pinkish red like at sunset, but shifting like if wispy clouds were traveling across it at great speed. At first I thought it was indeed some kind of weather phenomenon, but then I saw that it grew bigger and came closer and closer. I knew that it was something that would kill everything.

In a more recent dream, that I remember more of, I was in some big building complex with many people (as I often am in dreams), but none that I now remember from my real life. I was standing on a balcony and looking at the sun (or was it the moon?). It was pale, as if covered by a layer of mist, so it was possible to look straight at it. It was ascending towards the earth. Then I noticed the actual sun further up in the sky, realizing that this was something else. The landscape consisted of several hills behind hills, with trees on top, although everything seemed quite close. The round object kept going down and suddenly disappeared behind a hill – but I was quite sure it had not been the farthest hill, meaning it had actually hit the earth between the hills. This terrified me. I then saw several more of these planet-like, burning objects descending towards the earth – some near, some far. The building now seemed like it was a hospital, having to deal with this crisis, and apparently right after another recent crisis.

After a while I went back to the balcony, and found a man looking out while leaning against the rail. I asked him if he could tell me what was going on. He joked that I shouldn’t worry, since only the bad people had been dying. I told him to be serious. He said that this was it – almost all the world was destroyed by these orbs, and this place was one of the last standing. I went inside. I was amazed that everything looked so normal and calm. I wondered if I could survive by staying in the building, but then I realized that the heavenly body would just consume the whole building whenever it hit and there was nowhere to hide.

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