Umbrella logic

A dream from 11 May 2011.

I was in some kind of battle or contest like a computer game, but feeling very real. It had just been revealed that I was a very powerful kind of something. A medium-sized umbrella had just emerged and opened on top of my head or hat, and this umbrella was both a powerful weapon and a means of flight.

But then a bunch of other guys, maybe five or six, revealed that they too were of the same kind. Umbrellas opening they flew towards me, and it was very scary. This was taking place in some kind of school building, with lots of halls and passage ways (as in many of my dreams). I flew towards them and managed to go up towards the ceiling and past them, but they turned around and to my dismay they were faster. The speed in general was not great, barely faster than running. It felt more like hovering than flying.

Suddenly a second group of about the same number appeared before me. I managed to do some evasive maneuvers, and by a force of will I picked up speed and seemed to be losing them. I went around several corners. In desperation and fear that they would suddenly catch up I thought to go somewhere unexpected without them seeing. I flew into a class room, and realized the only way out was through a window. I opened one as quickly as I could, hoping it wouldn’t be locked. It wasn’t and I fell, then hovered, toward the ground, the window being several stories up. I went around a corner outside, and then weighed the possibilities: Getting away from the school towards some buildings and trees, with the possibility of the others seeing me fleeing through a window. Or hunkering down in a small spot I’d just noticed. I did the latter. It was behind a low wall, between the building and a trash can.

I remember thinking about the apartment building I’d looked at, the trees, the school, the very real smell of the trash can and the physical feeling of where I was. Knowing then that it was a dream, I thought about all the other times I’d had dreams of places that seemed very real and then waking up wondering if I was indeed channeling into my dream a real place where I’d never been in waking life. (In reality I have never wondered this while awake, but in this dream that’s what I thought.) I thought that this time I had to gather some clues about this place, so that when I woke up I could try to find out where it was, and whether it was indeed a real place.

Then I woke up.

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