The details of this dream are very fuzzy, but what I remember is kind of interesting. This is just the very end of course.

I woke up in my grandfather’s room, on a mattress on the floor. (I have slept in my grandfather’s room many times but on the fold-out sofa, not on the floor.) I got up and tried to recollect my dream, telling it to my grandfather and some other people. There had actually been three different parts to this dream, but apparently they had all involved working on a farm in the old days. My grandfather said that it was good that I got to know a bit about how it was in the old days. But I pointed out that what I dreamt might not actually have been a good representation of reality.

I was also trying to remember names of people in the dream, writing them down on a piece of paper, but couldn’t remember all of them. I had five or six written down, none of them names of people I actually knew. (I’m pretty sure this was false, since I don’t usually dream names of people.)

In one part of the dream I was conveying, I had actually woken up from another dream. I pointed to the mattress where I had just woken up and said that in my dream I had also woken up there. Now it might very well be that I hadn’t actually dreamt that I dreamt that I woke up from a dream. Instead maybe I just confused the occurrence of me waking up on the mattress with actually having also dreamt that I did.

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