Age of insects and metal

I’m in a dark room with other people. I’m standing in the middle of the room and I faintly see something white shaped like a spindle or cone, a meter from the floor. I don’t know if it’s glowing or if I can see it because of some dim light source. I try grabbing it, but my fingers grasp at air. Every time I try, my hand passes through the object and it stays floating in the air. But then I notice that the process does produce some tangible material in my hand, which I start putting to the side every time I grab at the object. I think that this is some kind of renewable source.

Then I feel a thick cord strung diagonally up to a corner in the ceiling. I pull it and feel how it pulls back heavily. Somehow I know that something living is at the other end, and in fear I envision a huge spider. The room lights up and I’m able to see the other end of the cord. A horrifying sight meets my eyes: There’s a black mass sliding slowly between the cord and an open window – a myriad of small insects instead of one big spider.

That was the beginning of a new world: Insects are now sentient, like humans. Later in the dream, I’ve been doing some activity together with several humans and insects, and now we are all leaving through a big doorway. These insects are big, some as big as human children. And as I’m walking, I’m thinking how important it is that I don’t step on any of the smaller ones as they skitter by. The feeling is that humans and insects have found a way to live together.

Then another change occurs, as frightening as the previous one: Metal is now also becoming sentient. A man is holding or being held by a big metal claw that has started moving by itself. Then I’m this man, struggling and trying to get away from the claw. Protruding knives appear, stabbing into my hand and arm.

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