Wondrous and spooky, socks and boots

No dream for 2016, but at least there is one before 2017 is over…

I was at my aunt and uncle’s place (where I would spend time in my childhood with my cousins and our grandparents). I needed to pee, but the bathroom was very impractical somehow. It was very small, like a nook in the wall where you had to bend down to even fit, and there was no door and so no privacy. I wondered why they didn’t have a proper bathroom, and then I remembered that they used to (remembering their actual bathroom upstairs), but that room was being remodeled or something had happened to it.

My grandfather told me of a bathroom he would use instead, and he would show me to it. I first needed to put on socks and boots. We then exited the front door and started walking. My grandfather asked me to help support him (something I would actually do in his later years). He told me that the problem was only his left arm, which would be painful if he did a certain move, as he twice demonstrated this move forcefully, making me worried. Still, walking with my grandfather gave me a good feeling of closeness.

We arrived at something that seemed like a bus stop in front of a building with glass doors. We went through the doors, entering a public bathroom. I went into the only stall, closing the door behind me, but then noticed that it was absolutely horrible, with feces everywhere, even on the walls. I needed to put on my socks and boots again, then went out. My grandfather didn’t notice me. There was another door to the side, which led to a neighboring building, and there was a sign by the door indicating restrooms. I gave my bag and something else for my grandfather to keep.

The door led through a short passageway into the other building, where a staircase immediately started upwards. Lots of people where walking up and down this staircase (although not many people had been in the bathroom). The interior of the building looked ancient and dark, with everything of wood. I had a strong sensation that I had dreamt about this place before, and that it was full of spooky wonders. But I didn’t perceive this past dream, nor the current one, as an unreal dream, but more like an experience. (After waking up, I can’t recall having dreamt about the place before.)

I was walking up this never-ending staircase with another person, but now I don’t know who. At each landing there were rooms in both directions. But I got the feeling, from a half-memory, that there would be no restrooms for a long time. Lending to the feeling of having experienced this fantastical place before, we encountered the head of a giant creature thrusting out of a room. It looked like the head of a prehistoric moray eel. It was shrouded in shadow, faded, but when I touched it, it lit up in ethereal colors.

However, before long, we did reach the bathrooms – gentlemen to the left, ladies to the right. The men’s room was fairly big. I think I was using the urinal when I noticed something moving in the darkness of the ceiling, but it was impossible to see what. I somehow found a flashlight with special properties – maybe of revealing things from the spirit world. I shined it on the ceiling, and saw that furry bats were hanging down, covering every inch. The light also made them react aggressively, although they stayed put. However, suddenly I noticed that there were also bats all over the floor, sticking up in dark, fuzzy clusters. I wanted to get out of there quickly, but there was almost no place to walk, and again I needed to put on both socks and boots first.

I somehow got out, and I was involved in an endeavor with another weird creature. It was shaped like a giant stingray, but instead of being fish-like it had giant pterodactyl-like wings. We were several people trying to make it fly. One person was propping up its right wing, while I was supposed to do the same on the left side. But the skin of the creature was prickly like the surface of a bur, and small thorns embedded themselves in my fingers. On the right wing, the other person was lifted by the wing, but I had to let go on my end because of the pain. I proceded to pull the thorns slowly out of my fingers.

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