Diabolical business

A new dream, from two nights ago.

I was at work. There were some problems with the receptionists. I don’t really remember much from this part of the dream.

Later I was told to see a guy, he was either some sort of boss or some sort of wiz kid at the company. They called him “Mr. L” [L being the name of the company]. He told me about a radical new technology they were developing. [I actually work at a software company.] They were mining for some rare material, and he showed me schematics of how they were drilling into certain rocks. These mines were now on the verge of collapse, so he told me they were going to drill into a new rock, next to the others.

He was now taking me into one of the current mines. It was a downward slope which after a short distance opened up to a rubble filled hall to the left, sloping upwards, back the same way. Suddenly the entrance collapsed, rocks tumbling down, and we were trapped. I was really scared, but suggested we had to start lifting rocks, to try to clear the entrance. Then we heard a deep, demonic voice: CLEAR IT. We both thought it was best to obey. I started lifting rocks away at the bottom of the path going up to the entrance, but the other guy was in the big hall instead. I was actually making some headway; a chain reaction caused rocks blocking the opening to fall away. But then I saw that the guy had made his way up the slope of the hall and was leaving through a crack, sort of next to where we had gone in but a little further away.

I made my way out of the mine. Now I heard chanting from a short distance away. I went toward it to investigate. It was a little ways into a forest – “Mr L” and some other people were conducting a demonic ritual. I was on a cliff above them. I can’t remember actually peering over the cliff and seeing them.

Next I was on the run through the forest. It was the demonic worshippers following me, but they seemed like people I knew now. The landscape was very steep to one side, down toward the sea. I kept trying to throw myself down the steep hills, to tumble down and quickly escape my pursuers. Although I would surely hurt myself on trees and rocks, I was certain it wouldn’t be too bad, and that I’d done it before. But somehow I just wasn’t able to do it, the incline wasn’t steep enough when I tried so I didn’t get anywhere.

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